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FLUID Dope whitewater

FLUID Dope whitewater

7.999,00 DKK

It has come to our attention that there are still paddlers out there who want to get high. So we created the Dope. No, you can’t smoke it. But you can get high with it. So high, in fact, that you can do multiple aerial moves before landing. So high that you can wave at the crowds, the skies, the birds, the stars, the angels, the fairies, the ... Oh wait, you can’t smoke the Dope.

The Dope is the latest progression in the science of freestyle kayak evolution. The fusion of radical design with composite material technology takes freestyle to the next level. Gone are the days of blaming your equipment for your failures. Gone are the days of blending in with the crowd of mediocrity. No zombie no more. The Dope is the next level.

This park and play device takes the best features of the proven Nemesis design and combine them in a shorter, compact, more explosive package. Think of all the adjectives normally used to describe high performance playboats. Roll them all together in a neat little bundle and inject some steroids in there. Done? Dope.


Længde 182 cm
Bredde 66 cm
Vægt 13 kg
Cockpit-størrelse 50 x 89 cm
Padlerens vægt 60 - 90 kg

Large (ikke lagervare):

Længde 187 cm
Bredde 69 cm
Vægt 15,5 kg
Cockpit-størrelse 50 x 90 cm
Padlerens vægt 80 - 110 kg

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