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FLUID Nemesis whitwaterkajak

FLUID Nemesis whitwaterkajak

7.999,00 DKK

The Nemesis is a high performance play machine. It carves better and has more controlled bounce than any other playboat in its class, and it’s pretty fast too. In addition to the superb wave performance, the volume distribution is perfect for launching huge loops while still enabling easy cartwheeling and splitwheeling.

This is quite a mouthful, but we’ve tested the Nemesis prototypes thoroughly to make sure the design lives up to our expectations. The main testing grounds for the big volume play were the waves of the Zambezi and Nile rivers, but the prototypes have also been put through their paces on small waves, small holes, big holes and even ocean waves all over Africa and also in Canada.

The unique, highly innovative carving rail / release edge combination ensures an extremely smooth ride when surfing and spinning on waves, where it is surprisingly forgiving considering the high performance of the hull. Put the hull on edge though, and a different side of the boat's personality is shown. It carves hard, precise, yet smooth. But the fun doesn't stop there. Think of any aerial move and initiate it on a wave. Rails transitions are easy, and the hull releases for the hugest air you've ever experienced.

If you are the type of paddler that is content with reasonable performance in a super forgiving package, or a playboat that excels doing a few specific moves at the expense of substandard performance in other areas, we suggest you look at some other playboats on the market. If however you want a playboat with crisp performance on a variety of features and doing the full spectrum of moves, give the Nemesis a try.

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Længde 187 cm
Bredde 65 cm
Vægt 15 kg
Cockpit 49 X 87 cm
Personvægt 65 - 95 kg
Volumen 200 liter

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