DVD`s This is the Roll

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DVD`s This is the Roll
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Learn your first roll. Improve your roll. Learn forward finishing rolls.
In ¨This is the Roll¨ world class instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson demonstrate and teach the 3 most important Greenland style rolls. The standard roll, the Reverse Sweep and the Storm Roll are a complete package so you can roll up no matter how you capsize. Clear demonstrations, underwater footage and easy-to-follow progressions are filmed in the clear waters of Italy, with the backdrop of Vancouver Island´s mountains and in Wales and Scotland.

Cackle TV have teamed up with Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson to make 2 instructional rolling DVDs. The first DVD, “This is the Roll” is aimed at anyone trying to learn their first roll, people wanting to get a bombproof roll & those wanting to learn forward finishing rolls. The DVD contains step-by-step instruction on how to do 3 different rolls – the standard Greenland roll, the reverse sweep roll& the storm roll. Cheri & Turner believe these 3 rolls on both sides will allow paddlers to recover from a capsize in real conditions no matter how you are knocked over.

The standard Greenland roll is a backdeck or layback roll and most people find this the easiest to learn. In the reverse sweep, your body and paddle starts at the back or the kayak and finishes forward. This is a great roll if you are capsized towards the back of your kayak, and it teaches you to recover facing forwards. The storm roll starts and finishes over the front deck and is Cheri & Turner’s rough water roll of choice. It’s a quick, powerful roll where the paddler finishes in a position where you can see what is happening and are ready to react to whatever comes next. All 3 rolls use the body’s natural ability to float and minimize the force required to roll up. The rolls require technique, rather than power.
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